Jujutsu Techniques
The mount, guard, side mount, north-south and back mount control strategy
Knee on stomach inward outward movement
Back to top transitions
Standing up Gi and no Gi buddy control strategy
Rolling (low, high, right and left side)
Backward rolling
Break falls
Sprawl counter, take the back
Rear takedown
Single leg takedown
Double leg takedown
Leg hook takedown
Body-fold takedown
Inside leg trap takedown
Outside leg trap takedown
Jumping pulling guard takedown
Hip throw four variations
Side mount to mount – step over
Side mount to mount – knee drive
Single and double ankle scissor sweep (guard to mount)
Guard escape (push)
Guard escape (elbow drive)
Mount escape (3 variations)
Frame escape (scissor failure, supper lock, leg hook escape and supper base)
Passing the guard (four variations)
Head lock escape (hop roll)
Head lock escape (leg hook)
Head lock escape (arm frame)
Americano bent arm lock from the side mount and mount
Kimura from the guard and side mount
Arm-bar from the mount and guard
Reverse arm-bar from side control
Flying arm-bar
Omoplata from guard and a failed guard arm-bar
Underarm collar choke from the guard
Front collar scissor choke from the guard
Arm folded front naked choke from the guard
Guillotine choke from the guard
Sliding collar choke from the back mount
Side mount choke
Thrusting choke from inside the guard
Triangle choke from the guard and lion killer variation
Side mount triangle choke
Rotating triangle choke
Side mounted strangle hold
Rear naked choke weak side and string side
Double lapel choke
Guillotine choke
Rear naked choke
Arm folded choke
Sleeve choke
Triangle choke (sankaku jime)
Flying triangle choke
Gogoplata / Locoplata
Choke by cinching up the leg
Zipper choke
X choke Inward and Ourward
Spin chokehold from mount and side mount Gi and no Gi
Tornado lapel clock choke
Gator roll choke
Samurai choke
Figure four neck crank
Arm lock by cinching up the leg
Standing Kimura
Standing guillotine
Hook sweep
Standing straight arm lock
Standing shoulder lock
Wounded man carry
Guard pass
Mount control (five techniques)
Take the back mount
Elevator escape guard
Positional control strategy from side
Headlock counter
Ankle grab sweep
Shrimp escape
Standing headlock defense
Elbow escape with hook removal, the fish hook and heel drag
Twisting arm control
Double under hook guard pass
Super hooks
Defense against push throat choke against wall
Finger locks
North south to back mount
North south submission techniques
Self defense against half and full nelson
Self defense against rear bear hug
Self defense against rear naked choke
Self defense against one hand and two hands throat grab
Self defense against standing Judo hold
Self defense against standing guillotine
Self defense against any kind of shirt grab
Self defense against club or stick attack
Self defense against head chancery
Self defense against front, side and rear garroting